Currently, there are many problems which relate to consumption resources, emission of harmful substances and huge energy consumption in our surroundings. We have to consider various problem on resources, environment and energy from grobal viewpoints.
 Our research interests are inorganic material science related to these field such as the environmental purification, making use of natural wastes, or energy saving. We develop new functional materials with referring structure and properties of natural minerals. The transformation, phase separation and surface chemistry.

【Environmental purification materials and related surface chemistry】
  ・Reaction field control
  ・Surface modification and band engineering
  ・Antibacterial and antiviral materials
  ・Coupling of external field (sonication, electric/magnetic field)
【Surface Wettability Control and related surface science】
  ・Super hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface processing
  ・Static and dynamic wettability control
  ・Analysis of sliding, evaporation, freezing etc.
  ・Solid/liquid bulk composites
  ・Surface friction drag control and photoinduced friction force variation
【Ceramics Processing】
  ・Processing of fine particles, thin films and porous materials
  ・Phase equilibria in ceramic science

【Thermal energy conversion】
  ・Sensitized thermal cell 【Plasmonic nanostructures】
  ・photothermal conversion 
  ・photomechanical conversion
  ・plasmonic colour

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中島章教授の研究が産経新聞朝刊1面・電子透かし記事に取り上げられました.「テクノトランスファー in かわさき 高撥水性有機モノリス構造体」こちら

Recent research (PDF)

Ceramics for resource and environmental problem
Envirnmental purification and functional interface using photocatalysis Conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy using chemical reaction